Why is Bathing Recommended After A Remedial Massage

Massages relieve you from intense stress and give your body muscles and tissues a great relaxation. As they infuse blood circulation and make your body warm, they facilitate sweating which creates a need for a bath after the therapy. Also, in order to replenish the water lost due to sweating, you are advised to drink plenty of water while taking a bath and during the massage.

The question of taking a bath depends upon the type of massage done and if it is done by a fully qualified masseuse who has completed a massage course. If it is a therapeutic massage that has re-aligned something in our body, then shower is advised over a bath. It is because there are chances that the movement of body during the bath can encourage bones to move out of place, and restructure the primary muscles. Also, utmost care must be taken while entering and coming out of the bath tub.There are chances that you might lose grip if you do not pay attention to the slippery massage mediums like oils or creams used by the therapist. Make sure you wipe off your feet with hot towels before beginning your bath to prevent slippage,

Another reason why bathing is recommended after a remedial massage is their ability to clean off the toxic elements emitted by skin after the massage. The skin will be in the process of consuming up the good moisture for oils and lotions used during the massage, and one should bath only after ensuring that our skin has completely consumed the good moisture.

Thus, experience a refreshing feel after your remedial massage by taking a great bath after the treatment.

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