As a sportsperson, you will occasionally have aches and pains due to the large amount of stress that you constantly subject your muscles to. The aches and pains in your muscles are due to the build up of toxic lactic acid which is accumulated in the muscle during activity and thus, muscle fatigue results.

Sure, it is possible for one to just ease the fatigue by resting. However, this does not completely solve the problem. All it does is provide temporary relief by easing the muscle of activity, after which, the muscles are then subjected to more stress, and the cycle continues. The best way to curb muscle fatigue, is by receiving sports massage.

Undoubtedly, massage is better than rest. This is because it takes care of the problem at the root; by ridding the muscles of lactic acid. Lactic acid is usually formed in the muscles when the muscles are not supplied with sufficient oxygen. Sports massages, when provided, enhance blood circulation in the body. This consequently allows well oxygenated blood to flow to the muscles, hence the lactic acid is respired by aerobic cellular respiration.

It can therefore be sufficiently concluded that, sports massage can complement rest due to the fact that, with massage, you address the root of the problem, as opposed to just relieving the muscles of activity.

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